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Welcome to Sara's Kitch!

Delicious Recipes to Accommodate Your Life

I'm Sara and I've lived with IBS for most of my life.  I also have a passion for cooking, health, nutrition, and living sustainably.  I choose to eat a mostly plant-based diet, and love creating new vegan recipes, but some of the healthiest foods that exist are also the most triggering to my gut.  For example, the old adage, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?  Well, an apple a day would send me running to the urgent care curled over in pain. 


Over the years with plenty of testing and trials, I've found that a low-FODMAP diet works best for me (for more about FODMAPs see this post),  I refuse to look at my diet as restrictive, but instead work tirelessly to create delicious, beautiful, and nutritious recipes.  A professional designer by trade, I am inspired by travel and pay attention not only to interesting flavors from various cultures, but also colors, textures and plating style, and believe food should be visually appetizing as well as tickle the tastebuds.


I'm a self-taught chef, and have been baking and cooking since childhood.  I made my first batch of peanut-butter cookies when I was around 10 years old and never stopped.  I've been able to apply decades of traditional cooking methods and kitchen experimentation toward my low-FODMAP lifestyle and have an intuitive gift for choosing successful ingredient swaps for the items that we may need to limit or eliminate.   


I specialize in creating inspired, delicious and beautiful meals for limited diets.  


My desire is for everyone, with and without food intolerances, to experience flavorful, indulgent, celebratory meals that nourish the body and soul.  Check out my bespoke cooking coaching services to help you!


Join me on my journey towards a healthier lifestyle!


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