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Chai Vanilla Oat Smoothie

Chai Vanilla Oat N'ice Cream Dessert
Chai Vanilla Oat Smoothie

This twist on the popular chai tea oat-milk latte takes it a step toward meal replacement/dessert in this recipe. This is almost a n’ice cream.  You can easily make this for dessert when you want something healthier than ice cream.  The banana and protein powder provide sweetness and help thicken it up.  If you skip the protein, you will get an icier, but still yummy result. And the added oats and use of oat milk help support lactating mamas.

I love this with my cardamom-spiced strawberry cookies for a double-cardamom treat!

Note chai tea, chai tea lattes contain some form of tea, usually black tea (with caffeine).  While you can try to simplify this and just dump contents from a chai tea bag into the blender, I don't recommend this. You’re going to get a lot of caffeine that you may not want.  Alternatively to save time, create your own chai spice mix (sans tea) in bulk to have on hand, and keep in an emptied spice jar. Or, just use pumpkin pie spice, which is a similar make-up.

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