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Golden Beet Poke Bowl

Updated: Jan 31

Golden Beets replace fish in this 'poke' bowl.

Can you tell this isn't tuna? Once marinated and added to a rice bowl with other flavors, it becomes a delicious, yet highly nutritious substitute.

Golden Beet Poke Bowl

I love poké bowls. It's such an easy go-to for lunch or dinner, containing a nice balance of grains, greens, protein, and typically does not contain a lot of garlic or onions (depending on sauce of choice). However, most fast food poké shops only offer tofu as the plant-based protein. And, often that tofu is just cut up straight out of the package without marinating or cooking (no wonder so many people are turned off by tofu!) This home-made poké option introduces golden beets, with a bit of tomato, macadamia nuts, coconut aminos to keep it soy-free and to introduce a bit of sweetness. You can prepare the poké portion and cook a week's worth of rice ahead of time, then easily assemble bowls all week long.

My toppings are suggestions, but of course, you can come up with so many combinations. For a quick spicy aioli, combine a bit of vegan mayo with sriracha sauce and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. If you're strictly avoiding garlic, you'll need to blend your own pepper with a garlic-free mayo, or simply top your bowl with another drizzle of coconut aminos and skip the aioli altogether.

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