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Lemony Herb Detox Dressing

Updated: Jan 31

Lemon herb dressing with dulse for detoxification
Lemony Herb Detox Dressing

Fresh squeezed lemon with dried herbs create a super fast, flavorful dressing for salads, sautéed vegetables, or over grains. Good cold or warm, this recipe is super versatile! The addition of dulse (seaweed) flakes add to the flavor as well as supports detoxification.

Here, dressing a plate of quinoa pilaf and steamed dandelion greens

Dulse is a type of seaweed, but tastes slightly smokier and more earthy than kelp or nori, while maintaining some "sea" flavor. It's my favorite replacement for anchovies in caesar dressings and I love to use it when my body feels overwhelmed, overloaded, and especially after a lot of holiday indulging. It helps support the body's natural detoxification system and can even help with metabolic balance.


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