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Vegan Beer Cheese Dip

Vegan beer cheese dip, without cashews!

Game-day vegan beer cheese dip, without cashews?  What?!  Great for nachos, pretzel bites, and would be fantastic with pita crisps or gluten-free crackers, too, or drizzled over vegetables.  This can be used as a delicious mac-and-cheese sauce for pasta, too. Bring this to your next pot-luck party and no one will even suspect this is a 'healthy' cheese dip.

I have a number of variations on vegan cheese dips and sauces, but I am obsessed with this new recipe!  Since I’m FODMAP-sensitive, cashews are my nemesis.  Cashews are a wonderful creamy nut that blends down into vegan creams and cheeses, so it’s extremely prevalent in vegan cooking and grocery items.  But, I can’t handle cashews.  Next best option seems like coconut milk.  Also very creamy, this makes a super yummy cheese sauce, too.  But, wow is it full of fat!  I’ve tried potatoes as the creamy base, but it maintains a certain texture that just doesn’t get as smooth as I’d like.  I’ve really been on an oat kick lately, so decided to try oats as the creamy base of this dip.  It works!!  Boy, does it work!

About the beer:  I used an IPA for this.  I don’t drink beer because I can't tolerate carbonation, but I do like the flavor of beer infused in food at times, particularly pub-style or fast-food style treats.  I’ll admit to not knowing anything about types of beers and what flavors they impart, but I do know that whatever beer you choose, the flavor will come through in the cheese.  Stronger flavored beers will give you a stronger beer flavor.  Lighter beers will result in a very mild beer flavored cheese.  The IPA was exactly perfect to me.  I could taste the beer without it being overwhelming.  If you need to be gluten-free, choose a gluten-free beer, or simply replace the beer with water for an equally delicious cheese dip or sauce.

Nacho bar: Served with chips, salsa, jalapeños etc.

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