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Sweet Potato Brownies (V/GF)

sweet potato brownies, V/GF, no oil added
Fudgy, sweet potato brownies, vegan and gluten-free

I love hiding vegetables in baked treats, and here’s another great example.  Not only do these brownies contain antioxidant-rich and fiber-filled sweet potato, but there is no added oil, no refined sugar, no gluten, and no animal products.  These should be called “yay-brownies!”

Before you dive in: they will be very soft just after baking, but turn fudgier after refrigerating.  I recommend at least 2 hours chilled before indulging (if you can wait that long!), but they’re even better the second day.

If you’re avoiding nuts, try these with Sunflower-seed butter instead.  I tried this, and although the Sun Butter does come with a hint of a bitter flavor, they are still very chocolately, rich and delicious.

Sweet potato:  please do not use leftover Thanksgiving mashed sweet potatoes, with butter, milk, salt and/or other things mashed in.  I used a plain baked sweet potato, peeled, then smashed for this recipe.

Sweet potato brownies, fudgy and healthy
Sweet Potato Brownies, V/GF

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