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Gochujang Paste, No Garlic

Gochujang paste, no garlic
Gochujang paste, no garlic

This recipe outlines a quick method for making gochugang “paste” without garlic.  Plenty of these are available at stores everywhere now, but at least in the US, there are very few to be found without added garlic.  And if you’re on a low-FODMAP diet, then this flavor-filled condiment is sadly not on your list of things to enjoy.

Gochugang paste is different from gochugang sauce, which uses the paste along with other things like soy sauce, rice vinegar, etc depending on the end use.  It’s being used is all kinds of fusion cooking, spicing up cheese sauces for pasta, adding a kick to barbecue sauce, you name it, it’s probably being done.  Gochugang ice cream?  Well, I haven’t seen that (yet).

Gochujang paste, no garlic and GF
Gochujang paste, no garlic and GF

Traditionally, making the paste requires fermentation (often outside in the sun) for 6 months and has a much richer taste than the quick version.  However, unless you have 6 months to wait, try my go-to that's plenty enjoyable, albeit not as authentic.  And, unless you’ve lived around someone who makes it from scratch (and shares it), you probably won’t notice the difference.  You can substitute regular miso for the doenjang, but it won’t get quite as much depth and takes us a bit further from true gochugang.

I use this paste for my Spicy Japchae Noodles, which is not traditionally spicy, though I like adding the spice to the sauce since I’m not using onions in the noodles.  What other uses have you seen for gochujang? Let me know in the comments; I want to try them all!

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