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Mezcalita Recipe (Mezcal Margarita)


A Mezcalita is made like a margarita, but uses orange juice instead of lime (I use both), and a chili rimmed glass, which both are great accents to the smokiness of the Mezcal.  You can use all Mezcal (and no Tequila), but I like my smokiness to come through in a more subtle way, which is why I mix both Mezcal and Tequila together.  Additionally, I add a touch of maple syrup to offset the tartness of the lime juice.  You can use all orange juice instead, but try out my Mezcalita Recipe (Mezcal Margarita)!  Everyone loves it!

Ever since a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, I’ve been in love with Mezcal.  And, actually, people think that Mezcal is a form of Tequila but it’s the opposite.  Mezcal is the spirit made from the agave plant all around Mexico but Tequila is a specific type of agave plant, only produced in Jalisco and other limited regions of Mexico.  From a flavor profile, Mezcal has a roasted or smoky taste that comes from the artisanal process of cooking it underground.  Try different mezcals…some are smokier than others; some more roasted tasting, some more fruity.  You’ll find your style and then stick with it!

About the maple syrup:  Yes, it’s a little weird.  Please don’t use agave syrup.  It might as well be labeled “high fructose agave syrup”, and we’re all scared of high fructose corn syrup, right?  The only difference between agave and corn, is the plant source.  After processing, the end results of both are nearly impossible for the body to differentiate.  Not only is HFCS linked to several chronic diseases, but both corn and agave are high-FODMAP.  Simple syrup is another option and tends to be made from refined sugar and water.  While this is not high-FODMAP, it also doesn’t include any benefits.  Pure maple syrup is a natural sweetener and includes many minerals and vitamins, making it a sweet option.


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