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Strawberry Cookies with White Chocolate

Strawberry Cookies with White Chocolate, vegan, GF
Strawberry White Chocolate Vegan Cookies

I have been super into strawberries lately, and with Valentine’s day around the corner, I started daydreaming about strawberry treats.  While I’ve made plenty of strawberry smoothies, strawberry chia jam, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry ice cream, I had never made strawberry cookies until now.  After a couple of tries, I nailed 2 different versions.  If you don’t have or can’t find vegan white chocolate chips, try my Strawberry-Cardamom Cookies instead!

White chocolate tends to be primarily milk (dairy).  Check ingredients before you buy.  Luckily, the vegan movement is taking a stronghold and more and more options for non-dairy ingredients are making the scene.  If you can’t find vegan white chocolate chips in your grocery stores (I can’t!), you can easily order them through Amazon.

Another tricky ingredient to find is freeze-dried strawberries.  Funny enough, I cannot find these at my local natural foods store, nor my local Whole Foods, but I did find them in my regular grocery store chain.  They are often found near dried fruits and nuts, and/or sometimes in the chips and/or crackers aisle (think kale chips and other dried vegetable snacks).  Some stores have a section for raw, sprouted packaged ingredients, so check there, too.  Or, if you’re going for delivery, you might as well go straight for the strawberry powder and skip that step in the instructions above.  Just make sure the only ingredient is “strawberries.”

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