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Vegan Macaroni and Cheese, Kid-Friendly

Vegan Macaroni and Cheese, Kid-Friendly, nut-free
Vegan Macaroni and Cheese, Kid-Friendly, nut-free

This is the best vegan version of mac-n-cheese reminiscent of the childhood box-meal that I've ever had. It's vegan, guilt-free, dare I say a 'healthy' version of the meal? Nut-free, and major allergen-free, and it comes together fast and easy!

Occasionally, we all crave comfort food; dishes that take us back to childhood and make us feel, well...,comfortable, warm, cozy, satiated. Most vegan cheese sauce recipes contain cashews. If you have IBS like me, this recipe is for you! Or, if you're concerned about giving your kiddos nuts, but you don't feel good about serving the boxed versions either, this is for you! I'm obsessed with how great this sauce turns out and will keep using it on as many things as I can think up.  I have two versions: Vegan Cheese Sauce used here, which is smooth, mild and creamy and Vegan Beer Cheese Dip for a bit more spice and flavor (and adult audience). Either is great for nachos, pretzel bites, and would be fantastic with pita crisps or gluten-free crackers, drizzled over vegetables, or as a mac-and-cheese sauce.  Take your pick and indulge in this 'healthy' vegan mac-n-cheese with this time machine back to childhood.

This is so smooth, creamy, and glossy, it's great as is! but, if you're like me, you might want to add some garnishes, or mix-ins. For an even more mind-blowing blast from the past (veganized), throw in a cooked and sliced Beyond sausage. Mix in broccoli, add sriracha to the top, a sprinkle of parsley...there are endless things you could do. One of my favorite uses is to top a beet burger with some leftover mac-n-cheese instead of using off-the-shelf vegan cheese slices. Let me know what you try!

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