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Brazil Nut Vegan Pesto

Brazil nut vegan pesto
Brazil nut vegan pesto

This is my go-to pesto! Arugula and lime juice balance each other in this peppy and bright flavored low-FODMAP Brazil Nut Vegan Pesto. With just a few ingredients, it easily comes together quickly and is versatile enough to use on pasta, in scrambles, as a bread dip, cracker spread, on potatoes, or mixed in as a salad dressing. How do you use pesto? I'd love to know!

Basil, arugula, brazil nuts, olive oil, sea salt, lime
Basil, arugula, brazil nuts, olive oil, sea salt, lime

Brazil nuts are a great vegan replacement for parmesan and pine nuts in traditional pestos! Brazil nuts (technically a seed) have enough creamy texture, similar to pine nuts, but they maintain enough bite to resemble the crumbly parmesan and garlic bits in conventional pesto.

Brazil nuts come with the added benefit of being high in Selenium, with just one ounce of nuts containing 1,000% of the RDA. They also include B vitamins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese.

The other ingredient from conventional pesto that we've left out here: garlic. Typically, I'll replace garlic in recipes with garlic-infused olive oil for the flavor, but this pesto has plenty of life without garlic flavor. I swear, you'll love it! And, it's wonderfully low-FODMAP for those of us who care!

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