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Quick and Easy Vegan Pesto Pasta

Vegan Pesto Pasta and Sausage
Vegan Pesto Pasta and Sausage

This Quick and Easy Pesto Pasta and Sausage dish makes a perfect romantic date-night dinner and comes together in 30 minutes!  Nothing says romance like pasta and this easy to make recipe is completely vegan and gluten-free!  You’ll love the contrast of the tomato confit over the warm cooked pesto coated pasta, and subtle crunchy texture of the kale chip garnish.  Make it and impress!

Vegan Pesto Pasta and Sausage
Vegan Pesto Pasta and Sausage

The most classic use for pesto?  On pasta!  I love a good linguine, although gluten-free linguine is becoming rare and hard to find.  Slowly I’m seeing the rice and quinoa gluten free pastas on grocery store shelves being replaced with chickpea and lentil pasta, a nightmare for those of us on a low-FODMAP diet.  I was able to score Italian GF linguine for this recipe online, and it was worth the 2-day wait!  This would be equally good with spaghetti, penne, or any pasta shape.  Or, try it on spaghetti squash instead of pasta for a low calorie approach.

I’m not above buying pre-made foods for ease and convenience and often turn to Beyond meats to quickly turn a dish into a heavier, heartier meal.  They do usually contain some amount of onion and/or garlic, as well as other additives I'd prefer to minimize, so I limit use of these.  To remain completely low-FODMAP, eliminate the sausage here.  This dish is well-rounded and satisfying without it!   Remember, there is already protein in the pesto from all those Brazil nuts we used. I make my own kale chips from time to time, but they're pretty easy to buy on store shelves now, for extra time savings and make a wonderful crunchy garnish to all kinds of dishes like this one.

I can’t wait to make this again, and open a nice bottle of Montepulciano to accompany it for my next date night.  Did you make this?  What variations did you use?  I’d love to hear your comments below.

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