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Buckwheat Chai Spice Scones, V, GF

Buckwheat Chai Spice Scones
Buckwheat Chai Spice Scones

These Buckwheat Chai Spiced Scones are very light in texture, flake apart easily, and have the wonderful warm chai spices married to the nuttiness of the buckwheat. They are both vegan and gluten-free, and packed with the nutrition that comes with buckwheat.  Good for your gut, try these with Strawberry Chia Jam for a wonderful breakfast treat that is healthy and delicious!

Buckwheat, contrary to its name, is not related to wheat and has no gluten in it.  It’s actually a psuedocereal, resembling more of a seed than a grain.  Buckwheat contains a good amount of fiber and protein, and has a low GI score, meaning it does not spike blood sugar levels.  It’s full of minerals and antioxidants.  The husk gives it its dark color, as well as fiber, and also its unique flavor.  I recommend dark buckwheat flour instead of light, for the full flavor and nutritional value.

What’s even better is that buckwheat contains resistant fiber, which ferments in the colon making good stuff for your colon and reducing risk of colon cancer.  Buckwheat is also low-FODMAP and is a great addition to a low-FODMAP diet, helping expand diversity of microbes in the gut.   

Buckwheat Chai Spice Scone with Chia Jam
Buckwheat Chai Spice Scone with Chia Jam

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