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No-Bean Vegan Chili

Updated: Jan 30

Most chili’s contain large amounts of onion and garlic, along with beans.  Although delicious and taste-centric to a proper chili, I wanted to replicate the spices in a stew

while eliminating the FODMAP-loaded ingredients.  And, by adding fresh vegetables, the result is a hearty dish that is full of tummy-friendly foods to fill and satisfy any chili craving.

The combination of walnuts and carrots creates a believable ‘meat-like’ texture for this dish. And special touches such as coconut aminos, cacao and cinnamon add umami and dimension to the chili spices.

Best of all, this is a wonderful dish to make ahead and freeze (or enjoy half now and freeze half to enjoy another time).  OR, add half of this recipe to a mac-and-cheese for a fantastic Chili-Mac.

Carrot-Walnut 'meat'

Served over brown rice, with avocado, coconut yogurt, cilantro and green onions

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