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Oyster Mushroom Fried Rice, Vegan, GF

Oyster Mushroom Fried Rice
Oyster Mushroom Fried Rice

I call this Sara’s Kitch fusion rice.  It definitely has Asian influence, but is filled with fiber-filled whole grains, vegetables and topped with nuts, separating it from standard fried rice made of white rice and frozen mixed veggies.  During my trips to Vietnam, I always visit a vegetarian restaurant that makes a fantastic fried rice, in a hearty style using brown rice and fresh chopped vegetables, and a cashew-mix-in.  My inspiration comes from that, replacing the ingredients with all FODMAP-friendly versions.  It’s absolutely delicious!  Oyster Mushroom Fried Rice, Vegan, GF has a prominent ginger, mostly mild and definitely interesting deep umami mix of flavors from the oyster mushrooms and enhanced by crunchy chopped almonds as a topping.  Whole grain rice and whole veggies offer significant protein content, but tofu adds a boost of additional protein;  feel free to double the tofu if desired.  I like it to play a supporting role here rather than the focus.

When I make rice for rice bowls, fried rice, or as a side, I tend to blend different types and colors because I’m just like that.  Here, I used half brown basmati, with equal parts red volcano and black forbidden rice.   And, I love how it came out!  It’s much more textural than using just one variety, plus every different plant variety we eat introduces different food for our gut microbes, helping our gut diversity. Feel free to simplify and use any one whole grain rice that you love.

Fried Rice with Oyster Mushrooms
Fried Rice with Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms get their name because their flavor does slightly resemble that of sea mollusks.  And, they are the one mushroom that has been given low-FODMAP status.  I love them in this fried rice because they bring the meaty texture along with that slight “sea” flavor.  The bok choy and radicchio both add a bit of moist texture to the rice.  You can substitute other veggies, but the overall result may be drier.  I encourage trying this recipe as written.  It’s fabulous!

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