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Chipotle Sauce, Bitchin' Revamp, Low-FODMAP

Chipotle Sauce, Bitchin' Revamp Low-FODMAP
Chipotle Sauce, Bitchin' Revamp Low-FODMAP

When I lived in San Diego, Bitchin' Sauce was a Farmer's Market stand and I'd stop by, sample, and purchase a flavor or two every week. Today, their sauce is available nationwide in grocery stores and even in Costco. Congratulations to Bitchin'! There's not a person I know who hasn't tried Bitchin' Sauce and said, "wow, that's really good!" However, there are a couple of ingredients that sometimes I need to avoid in order to get me back to a low-FODMAP diet. So, I created my own sauce recipe, influenced by Bitchin', but made for all to enjoy. See my recipe here.

My Chipotle Sauce Bitchin' Revamp is not only Low-FODMAP, it's also vegan, soy-free, and I've included hidden veggies, my favorite thing to do! It's rich in flavors, and not very spicy. You could amp up the chipotle if you want a hotter sauce, but remember that dried chipotle will increase in heat after it reconstitutes in the sauce overnight in the refrigerator. I suggest waiting a day before adding more spice! As is, it is kid-friendly (as long as your kids can have almonds).

This sauce makes a great appetizer or charcuterie board addition, alongside crackers, sliced veggies, pita bread. But, I love it on almost anything! Any kind of tacos, but especially my Vegan Breakfast Tacos. Inside a burrito, on top of hash browns, or a scramble, a dabble on fish or steamed spinach. What do you like to sauce up?

Chipotle Sauce, Vegan and Low-FODMAP
Chipotle Sauce, Vegan and Low-FODMAP

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