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Tacos with Vegan Walnut Carrot Meat

Updated: Apr 8

Tacos with Vegan Walnut Carrot Meat
Tacos with Vegan Walnut Carrot Meat

Tacos! I'm starting my taco series with this classic American style taco using ground walnut, carrot, lentil 'meat' to replace ground beef. It might sound strange, but trust me, I've served this several times and even omnivores love it! Once you load tacos with this vegan walnut carrot meat, some Nacho Cheese Sauce, Pico De Gallo, Easy Vegan Sour Cream, avocado and lettuce shreds, the flavors and textures come together reminiscent of childhood taco night complete with the hard corn shells. Feel free to use hard shells for these, too! I've done it when I'm feeling super nostalgic.

Walnuts and carrots are one of my favorite "ground meat" substitutions and think about it. Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts available, providing omega-3 fatty acid which is anti-inflammatory. They also contain protein, fiber, and some call walnuts the brain superfood. Carrots contain beta carotene, are knows as the vision superfood, contain fiber, and have almost no fat. I also add a small amount of brown lentils to the mix. In keeping low-FODMAP, the amount used is well within the serving size recommendation but we get the benefit of a touch more protein and fiber. Plus the texture of the lentils helps the overall mixture replicate "taco meat." Super healthy AND delectable!

Walnut Carrot Lentil 'Meat'
Walnut Carrot Lentil 'Meat'

Build a taco bar! It can involve some preparation, but everybody loves making their own tacos! With a taco bar, you can provide many options to suit everyone at the table.

Some ideas include:

  • A shell -

    • corn or flour tortillas

    • hard shell corn tortillas

    • jicama slices

    • lettuce wraps

  • A slaw - (these are not usually included in authentic Mexican tacos, but are kind of an American staple in tacos)

    • shredded cabbage

    • shredded lettuce

    • mix-ins like cilantro, shredded carrots

  • A 'meat' -

    • Walnut Carrot Meat (below)

    • Al Pastor Jackfruit

    • Tofu Scramble

    • Sunflower Haché

    • Sunflower Seed Refried 'no-Beans'

    • mashed potatoes

    • fried avocado slices

  • A cheese -

  • A sauce (or three!) -

  • Accoutrements -

    • sliced avocado

    • sliced limes (to squeeze)

    • cilantro

    • sliced black olives

    • sliced jalapeños (fresh or pickled)

Taco bar with lettuce, nacho cheese, walnut meat, pico, sour cream
Taco bar with lettuce, nacho cheese, walnut meat, pico, sour cream

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