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St. Patrick's Day Green Recipes

Updated: Mar 15

St. Patrick's Day "Green" Recipe Collection
St. Patrick's Day "Green" Recipe Collection

When the calendar page turns to March, I begin to think about several things: Spring is on the way, we get several teasing no-jacket days of sunshine in Denver, budding crocuses, daylight into evenings and dreams of wearing shorts and sipping cold smoothies for breakfast followed later in the day with margaritas on decks. Easter is around the corner, Spring breaks are scheduled around the globe, but the first mark of all of this, St. Patrick's Day.

If you're Irish, your celebrations include traditional Irish family meals, like bacon and green cabbage, beef or lamb stews with colcannon, shepherd's pie, and soda bread. Growing up in the U.S, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with parades, leprechauns, and the myths around wearing green. In following my childhood path, I like making food in the color green rather than focusing on the meat-heavy traditional dishes.

Here are the "green" recipes I've been making this month, with more to come!

A great versatile "green" dish is a good pesto. Pesto can be used in a breakfast scramble, in a romantic dinner pasta dish, or simply spread on crackers or red pepper strips as an afternoon snack. I love Brazil Nut Vegan Pesto, which has no need for garlic or parmesan, keeping it low-FODMAP and a delicious peppery bite from arugula as the base.

Try a salad doused with herbs for another green-coated meal and a great low-FODMAP substitution for the more traditional cabbage. Kohlrabi and cucumbers are satisfyingly crunchy while covered in a sweet herb dressing that looks a lot like pesto.

A green protein smoothie makes a great on-the-go breakfast, or even a lunch meal replacement. Full of nutrients, fiber, protein, it will keep you full for hours. March marks the beginning of "smoothie-season" for me, and this Super Green Smoothie is my first of the year.

Another breakfast munchie is a Banana Shamrock Muffin. Great for toddlers who are picky eaters. For adults, serve one alongside Green Pesto Tofu Scramble, or a couple muffins on their own with a smear of vegan margarine. Turn this into a dessert by topping with some cream-cheese frosting and a sprinkle of green sugar.

What do you eat for St. Patrick's Day? I'd love to take your ideas and create new recipes for you or share your classic! Leave a comment below.

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